Estate Olive Oil

Estate Olive Oil

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The 2022 vintage gives a welcoming first impression with floral notes of sunflower and aromas of green banana. This first-pressed olive oil offers a silky, buttery mouthfeel that coats the palate with hints of almond that rounds into a chili pepper and spicy finish.

This vintage marked the first winter where we saw substantial rainfall. A long cold winter with over forty nights of freezing temperatures caused small frost damage in a few blocks. The spring saw a few light rains with moderate temperatures, which occurred during bloom and caused some calyptra to stick on late-blooming varieties, which resulted in shatter. The summer brought three-digit temperatures causing dehydration to the vines. Proximity to San Pablo Bay provided fresh winds and cold nights during the hot summer. Our harvest started in early August and ended in the first week of October, and despite the challenges encountered, the fruit was exceptional.

The Hyde Vineyard olive trees are crafted from a mix of Italian varietal olives. We harvested this vintage in mid-November. Once picked, the olives are pressed in a Hammermill (a gentle, more modern process that captures fresh green flavors). Once the olives were crushed, the new oil settled for three months before bottling.